The History of Royal Commemoration Lodge 1585

LODGE 1585 1876-1976

The first personality to emerge was Bro. J.W. Robinson, professionally engaged on the Stock Exchange, of High Street, Putney, who started his Masonic career in the Great Northern Lodge 1287, which was consecrated on January 6th, 1870. He was initiated into the Lodge in 1873 and in 1875 he presented a Silver Salver to that Lodge during the year that H.R.H. Edward Prince of Wales was installed as M.W.G.M. of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Being a Putney inhabitant it was obvious his thoughts were nearer home, hence as the Foundation Senior Warden and the driving force behind the formation of the Lodge, his efforts and energy gave it all that was needed in its early stages.

Putney in those days was a trim residential town based on the river with surrounding countryside which proved to be attractive at that time by virtue of its boating activities. Making enquiries locally he found that a William Preston Lodge 766 was the Putney Lodge and met at The Cannon Street Hotel where it was consecrated. Owing to financial difficulties, however, they eventually moved away from Putney leaving a blank spot that Bro. J.W. Robinson was intent to fill.

Finally a Petition was presented to Grand Lodge for a Warrant to be issued constituting a Lodge to be called Loyalty and Charity, but, apparently, at the same time a Petition had been sent in by the Brethren living at Kew either on the same day or a day or so earlier asking for a similar request and if reference is made to the Freemasons Calendar it will be seen that the Lodge No. 1 584 bears that name. Neither of the Lodge Petitioners knew of the intention of the others and it was on receiving intimation from the then Grand Secretary (V.W. Bro. John Hervey) requesting that another name be chosen for 1585 that the Petitioners of the Putney Lodge knew of the application to Grand Lodge of the Kew Brethren.

It was prior to this that H.R.H. The Prince of Wales had not long returned from a very successful Tour of India and had been installed as the M.W.G.M. in place of the Marquis of Ripon who had resigned in consequence of having become a Roman Catholic; Masonry was frowned upon in those days by the Roman Catholic religion. Time, of course, has altered their observations. This gave the Petitioners a grand and happy idea viz. — to commemorate not only his safe return to his native land but his installation as well, hence the application for the Lodge to be named ROYAL COMMEMORATION.

The Petition was forwarded, September 1875 and read as follows:


To John Hervey, Esq. Grand Secretary.

V.W. Sir and Brother,

In enclosing a Petition for a new Lodge proposed to be established at Putney, we are desirous of stating a few facts, which have led the Petitioners to apply for the same.

Some twenty years ago, a lodge was formed at the Star & Garter Hotel, and was for some time very fairly supported, but being a Banner Lodge it became more expensive, than was wished, and consequently did not succeed so well as it was anticipated and a removal from Putney was decided upon, as you are doubtless aware.

Since that time, Putney has been without a Lodge and to our own knowledge some twenty gentlemen have joined the Lodges either at Wandsworth or Barnes, and many more, have in consequence of the bother going and returning therefrom joined Lodges in London, where the means of transit are much more convenient.

We also beg to state that when the "Preston" Lodge was formed the population of Putney was only about 6,000, now it is over 10,000.

We have had many and anxious enquiries from Brethren who are anxious to join; it may however be said, that there are Lodges at Barnes and Wandsworth, both of which are available, but we urge, that though, the distance to either of them, is under two miles, yet the inconvenience of travelling is more than may be imagined. Moreover we have carefully avoided the clashing of the Lodge nights with the above lodges, as you see by comparing with your books.

We trust the above facts will be laid before the M.W.G.M. on your presenting our petition to him, and that it will please him to grant our request, more especially as ALL the signatures are those of local Brethren. We could have doubled the number, and have caused much disappointment, by not accepting them, but was anxious to conform to the established number allowed by the Order.

We have the honour to be V.W. Sir and Brother

Yours truly and fraternally,

(Sgd) T. Wright P.M.1138, J.W. Robinson 1287,Christopher Jackson, Junr. 176 Recommended by the Royal Arthur Lodge 1360 in open Lodge assembled.

(Sgd) H. Smith W.M. H.H. Jackson, Junr. S.W M.D. Loewenstark J.W. recommended by the Mount Edgcumbe Lodge 1446 in open Lodge assembled.

(Sgd)Chas.F. Poupard W.M. A.M. Thomas W.M. A.C. Burrell I.P.M. 1th September 1875.



We the undersigned being regularly registered Masons of the Lodges mentioned against our respective names having the prosperity of the Craft at heart are anxious to exert our best endeavours to promote and diffuse the genuine principles of the Art and for the conveniency of our respective dwellings and other good reasons, we are desirous of forming a new Lodge to be named the "ROYAL COMMEMORATION LODGE".

In consequence of this desire we pray for a Warrant of Constitution empowering us to meet as a Local Lodge, at the Star and Garter Hotel, Putney, on the First Wednesday in the Months of October, November, December, February, March and April and then and there to discharge the duties of Masonry in a Constitutional manner according to the forms of the Order, and the laws of the Grand Lodge, AND WE HAVE NOMINATED AND DO RECOMMEND BROTHER JOSEPH WRIGHT, P.M. Southern Star No. 1158 TO BE THE FIRST WARDEN; BROTHER JOHN WILLIAM ROBINSON, I.D. Great Northern, No. 1287 TO BE THE FIRST SENIOR WARDEN and BROTHER CHRISTOPHER JACKSON of Lodge 176 TO BE THE FIRST JUNIOR WARDEN of the said Lodge.

The prayer of this Petition being granted we promise strict obedience to the commands of the Grand Master and the laws and regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Name Address No. of Lodge Profession
Joseph Wright 1, Falcon Lane 1158 Wine Merchant
J.W. Robinson 57, High St., Putney 1287 Stock Exchange
Chris. Jackson, Junr. Gordon Terrace 176 Broker Shipper
John Spink 1, The Crescent 1420 Builder
G.A. Watkins Putney Heath 1044 Armourer
J. McBean 6,The Crescent, Putney 1044 Saddler
E.P. Holtham 80, Disraili Rd. 975 Civil Engineer
John Noble Windsor Street 975 Builder

Finally the Petition was signed, forwarded and granted. The Consecration was then arranged for Monday, March 20, 1876 and was described as follows:


Amid the bleakest winds of this bleak March, and during a beating snowstorm on last Monday, a large muster of brethren gathered at the Star and Garter Hotel, Lower Richmond-road, Putney, to witness the start in life of the Lodge founded under this name in commemoration of the Royal Installation in April last. The "Lower Richmond-road" is the south bank of the Thames, and the hotel is the river-side house where boating men hold their congresses in habits as if they belonged to the Craft of those who "go down to the sea in ships". The Lodge is "aloft", a distinction and a difference from "a loft", though the ascent to the apartments where the mysteries of the Craft may now be carried on is very remindful of the approach to the upper floor of stables. The apartments themselves have, we believe, hitherto been dedicated to the use of the London Rowing Club and the house is one where the luxurious athletes of the oar take their ease in their inn. The Lodge-room fronts Father Thames, and gives a good view of ancient Fulham. The brethren who assembled last Monday were recalled from the out-look on the snow-covered Thames and the first appearance of the light blue, and dark blue, to form the procession to the Lodge-room, which had been neatly laid out. As Bro. James Terry, the Prov. G.D.C. of Herts., headed the procession, Bro. G. Stacy, Organist of 1348, played the march on an excellent organ provided. Bro. Terry, who had been appointed Installing Master, then took the chair, and appointed Bro. Ough, P.G.P. as S.W.; Bro. W. Watson, P.G.S. as J.W.; and Bro. P.M. Meredith, as !.G.

Bro. Terry then proceeded with the work which he, if not the hero of a hundred fights, at least the worker of a hundred consecrations, knows so well, and having addressed the assemblage upon the nature of the meeting, and received the address from the Secretary pro tern, he ranged the brethren in order — Bros. Joseph Wright, as W.M. designate; J.W. Robinson, as S.W.; C. Jackson, as J.W.; and A. Watkins, P.M.; Henry Smith (Royal Arthur), W. Morphew,, F. Holland, A. Boehr, A. Collings. Approval having been signified to the officers, Bro. Terry, in the absence of a Chaplain, gave the oration on the nature and principles of the institution, and this was followed by the psalm —

"How vast must their advantage be.

How great their pleasures prove.

Who live like brethren, and consent

For offices of love."

The lodge was then dedicated according to form amid the rapt attention of the brethren, who joined in the beautiful hymns of the ceremony, given with excellent effect by Bro. Stacy. The Lodge was then constituted, and this part of the ceremony closed with the hymn —

"Glory be to God on high,

Let Heaven and earth reply.

Praise ye His name;

Masons His love adore,

Tiled in their mystic lore.

And cry evermore.

Glory to God."

Bro. Terry then became the Installing Master, and proceeded to install Bro. Joseph Smith, an old P.M., according to the rites and ceremonies as worked by the Lodge of Emulation. This was very perfectly rendered in the presence of a large assemblage of past and present holders of the chair, among them being Bros. Daurini, P.M. 1044; Meredith, P.M. 1257; Pulsford, P.M. 1158; Gallant, W.M. 813; A.W. Wright, P.M. 1158; C.W. Wise, W.M. 1158; Ough, P.G.P.; Pendlebury, P.M. 1056; White, P.M. 228 ("Freemason); Burrell, I.P.M. 1446; Howick, P.M. 1044; Payne, P.M. 27; Sorrell, W.M. 176; H. Potter, P.M. 11; Bethel!, P.M. 30; Whiteman, P.M. 256; Withey, P.M. 946. P. Prov. A.D.C. Middx. When the brethren under the degree of Installed Masters were admitted, the proclamations were made in the accustomed form, and the W.M. then appointed as his officers, amid the acclamations of the brethren, J.W. Robinson, S.W.: C. Jackson, J.W.; G.A. Watkins, Treas.; P.M. Henry Smith, Sec.; W. Morphew, S.D.; F. Holland, J.D.; A. Boehr, I.G.; J. Collins, D.C. and Bro. J. Smith as Assist. Secretary.

The closing addresses to the W.M.. the Wardens, and to the Lodge were given by Bro. Terry with his usual point, clearness and completeness, and the W.M. after taking the names of joining members and the proposals for initiation, read a letter from the G. Sec. whose absence was caused by official circumstances, but he wished the Lodge a prosperous career. The W.M. then spoke warmly of the services which Bro. Terry had rendered the Lodge, and said he hoped that Bro. Terry would be elected the first honorary member of the Lodge.

A proposal to this effect was made by P.M. H. Smith, the Secretary, and was seconded by the S.W. It was carried unanimously. Bro. Terry, in acknowledging the honour thus paid to him, thanked the brethren, and said it gave him great pleasure to consecrate a Lodge whose name was one which would ever carry the mind back to the grand ceremony at Albert Hall in April last. He trusted that the Lodge which was thus consecrated would have a good growth, and would honour its name by the good quality of the members it introduced to the Craft.

Thanks were then voted to Bro. Stacy for his services as Organist, to Bro. Hill, of the Highgate Lodge for acting during the ceremony as D.C. and to Bros. Ough and Watson for their services in the Wardens' chairs. The votes were acknowledged, and the Lodge was then in due form closed.

The banquet was held in a room beneath the Lodge-room, and the W.M. whose experience as a P.M. was of the utmost value in guiding the newly launched vessel, both in Lodge and at the banquet table, gave with great force (the greater because brief) the toasts of "The Queen and the Craft." "The M.W. Grand Master." "The Pro Grand Master," "The Deputy Grand Master, and the rest of the Grand Officers, Past and Present," coupling with the latter the name

Bro. Terry then became the Installing Master, and proceeded to install Bro. Joseph Smith, an old P.M., according to the rites and ceremonies as worked by the Lodge of Emulation. This was very perfectly rendered in the presence of a large assemblage of past and present holders of the chair, among them being Bros. Daurini, P.M. 1044; Meredith, P.M. 1257; Pulsford, P.M. 1158; Gallant, W.M. 813; A.W. Wright, P.M. 1158; C.W. Wise, W.M. 1158; Ough, P.G.P.; Pendlebury, P.M. 1056; White, P.M. 228 ("Freemason); Burrell, I.P.M. 1446; Howick, P.M. 1044; Payne, P.M. 27; Sorrell, W.M. 176; H. Potter, P.M. 11; Bethel!, P.M. 30; Whiteman, P.M. 256; Withey, P.M. 946. P. Prov. A.D.C. Middx. When the brethren under the degree of Installed Masters were admitted, the proclamations were made in the accustomed form, and the W.M. then appointed as his officers, amid the acclamations of the brethren, J.W. Robinson, S.W.: C. Jackson, J.W.; G.A. Watkins, Treas.; P.M. Henry Smith, Sec.; W. Morphew, S.D.; F. Holland, J.D.; A. Boehr, I.G.; J. Collins, D.C. and Bro. J. Smith as Assist. Secretary.

The closing addresses to the W.M.. the Wardens, and to the Lodge were given by Bro. Terry with his usual point, clearness and completeness, and the W.M. after taking the names of joining members and the proposals for initiation, read a letter from the G. Sec. whose absence was caused by official circumstances, but he wished the Lodge a prosperous career. The W.M. then spoke warmly of the services which Bro. Terry had rendered the Lodge, and said he hoped that Bro. Terry would be elected the first honorary member of the Lodge.

A proposal to this effect was made by P.M. H. Smith, the Secretary, and was seconded by the S.W. It was carried unanimously. Bro. Terry, in acknowledging the honour thus paid to him, thanked the brethren, and said it gave him great pleasure to consecrate a Lodge whose name was one which would ever carry the mind back to the grand ceremony at Albert Hall in April last. He trusted that the Lodge which was thus consecrated would have a good growth, and would honour its name by the good quality of the members it introduced to the Craft.

Thanks were then voted to Bro. Stacy for his services as Organist, to Bro. Hill, of the Highgate Lodge for acting during the ceremony as D.C. and to Bros. Ough and Watson for their services in the Wardens' chairs. The votes were acknowledged, and the Lodge was then in due form closed.

The banquet was held in a room beneath the Lodge-room, and the W.M. whose experience as a P.M. was of the utmost value in guiding the newly launched vessel, both in Lodge and at the banquet table, gave with great force (the greater because brief) the toasts of "The Queen and the Craft." "The M.W. Grand Master." "The Pro Grand Master," "The Deputy Grand Master, and the rest of the Grand Officers, Past and Present," coupling with the latter the name of Bro. Ough, who responded, and warmly praised the merits of those who ruled over the Craft, pointing out the essential necessity, for the good of the brotherhood, that its rulers should be chosen from those who were the rulers in the nation by training and by birth.

Bro. Terry said the duty fell upon him, in the absence of any Past Master, to propose the toast of "The First W.M. of the Royal Commemoration Lodge." The name of the Lodge was a happy one, and doubtless it was happy choice of the name which obtained for the Lodge its warrant. It was a very good choice the brethren had made in Bro. Wright for the First Worshipful Master, and it was almost essential that the W.M. who occupied the chair of a new Lodge should be one who had had experience in that position, as he would be the better able, by his knowledge of the work to weld the new parts of a lodge into a harmonious whole. They all knew how zealous and energetic Bro. Wright was in all things, a fact seen in the example he set as Steward to the festival of the institution, for he said he would not go unless he had three figures on his list, and three figures he had — (cheers) — and the brethren would toast him as one whose work and actions they would all attempt to emulate.

Bro. Wall, S.D. of the Kennington Lodge, gave the company the benefit of a charming song.

The W.M. then responded to the toast of his health, and said he had accepted the helm of this Lodge with the intention of making it a good Lodge. It had pleased the Earl of Caernarvon, the Pro. Grand Master, to approve of the name of the Lodge and to grant the warrant, and it behoved the members of it to take care that no action or proposal of theirs should ever sully it. Fortunately, the speaker said, he could say he had done his best to launch the Lodge in a worthy manner, and he thanked the officers for the assistance they had given him in purchasing (of another Lodge) the necessary furniture for its use. He felt as captain of this new ship that he was supported by good officers, and he trusted it would sail on in strength and happiness. After some singing by brethren, the W.M. went on to propose the toast of "The Consecrating Officer, Bro. Terry" of whose kindness and talents the speaker warmly spoke, adding that of all consecrations the worthy Secretary of the Masonic Institution had performed he had never performed one with greater spirit than the one that day (Cheers).

One of the brethren sang a parody on the "Village Blacksmith", giving a fancy sketch of the life of a London policeman — a performance which caused roars of laughter.

Bro. Terry, as the Consecrating Officer, in return, said that he was very amply repaid for his exertions by the satisfaction expressed and by the attention which the brethren had given to him. He trusted that he should see the Master install his successor, and that the Lodge would show that it was prepared to maintain the high principles and tenets of the Order by having its name enrolled on behalf of the Masonic charities.

To the toast of "The Visitors" Bro. Sorrell responded, and the Treasurer's health being warmly toasted — with the hope that he would take good care of the lodge argent, when he got any — that brother responded, asking the brethren to give him the chance.

Bro. Henry Smith responded for the Secretaries.

The Senior Warden in response to the toast of the Officers made a neat speech, in which he accepted the simile of the Master in likening the Lodge to a ship, and said that he trusted the Captain would find the crew a good working one. The Junior Warden thanked the Master and brethren for selecting him to be the third officer in the ship, and said he should endeavour to prove that their confidence was not misplaced.


To all and every our Right Worshipful, Worshipful, and Loving Brethren

we His Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of Wales

Knight of The Most Noble Order of The Garter

Grand Master

of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Freed Accepted Masons of England Send greeting. Know ye that we by the Authority and under the Sanction of the United Grand Lodge of England vested in us fore that purpose and at the humble Petition of our Right Trusty and WELL BELOVED BRETHREN Joseph Wright, John William Robinson, Christopher Jackson, John Spink, William Silcock, George Alfred Watkin, James McBean and Others DO HEREBY CONSTITUTE the said Brethren into a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the Title or Denomination of


The said Lodge to meet at the Star and Garter Hotel, Putney, in the County of Surrey on the First Wednesday in the months of February, March, April, October, November and December empowering them in the said Lodge when duly congregated to make pass and raise Freemasons according to the ancient custom of the Craft in all Ages and Nations throughout the known World and further at their said Petition and of the great trust and confidence reposed in every of the above-named Brethren WE DO APPOINT the said Joseph Wright to be the First Master the said John William Robinson to be the First Senior Warden and the said Christopher Jackson to be the First Junior Warden for opening and holding the said Lodge until such time as another Master shall be regularly elected and installed strictly charging that every Member who shall be elected to preside over the said Lodge and who must previously have duly served as Warden in a Warranted Lodge shall be installed in ancient form and according to the Laws of the Grand Lodge that he may thereby be fully invested with the dignities and powers of his Office AND WE DO require you the said Joseph Wright to take special care that all and every the said Brethren are or have been regularly made Masons and that you and they and all other the Members of the said Lodge do observe the form and keep the laws rules and orders contained on the Book of Constitutions and all others which may from time to time be made by our Grand Lodge or transmitted by us or our Successors Grand Masters or by our Deputy Grand Master for the time being And we do enjoin you to make such By-laws for the government of your Lodge as shall to the majority of the Members appear proper and necessary the same not being contrary to or inconsistent with the general laws and regulations of the Craft a copy whereof you are to transmit to us AND WE DO require you to cause all such By-laws and regulations and also an account of the proceedings in your Lodge to be entered in a Book to be kept for that purpose AND you are in nowise to omit to send to us or our Successors Grand Masters or to our DEPUTY GRAND MASTER for the time being at least once in every year a list of the Members of your Lodge and the names and descriptions of all Masons initiated therein and Brethren who shall have joined the same with the Fees and Monies payable thereon. It being our Will and Intention that this our WARRANT OF CONSTITUTION shall continue in force so long as you shall conform to the laws and regulations of our Grand Lodge. And you the said Joseph Wright are further required as soon as conveniently may be to send us an account in writing of what shall be done by virtue of these Presents –


at London this Eight of December A.L. 5875 A.D. 1875


M. Merodale D.G.M.

John Hervey G.S.

The working year of the First Master having passed pleasantly and as the Lodge has been named in connection with the most important epoch in the life of the M.W.G.M. and as the special Jewel had been struck to commemorate his installation at the Albert Hall Bro. Robinson studied the Jewel and decided that with a certain amount of alteration it could be used as a Lodge Jewel. The Brethren having accepted Bro. Robinson's re-designing an application was made to Grand Lodge for the adoption of the design and the request was granted.

The First Master was then presented with the Lodge Jewel, which was a token of esteem from the Brethren, and each outgoing Master since has been presented with the Lodge Jewel over the hundred years the Lodge has been in existence.

It must be explained that, on the installation of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (afterwards King Edward VIII) at the Albert Hall, the special Jewel consisted of a five pointed gold and silver Star with a Medallion of H.R.H. in the centre and a Plume of Feathers immediately above the top point. The Star of our own Jewel has the silver and gold points altered and in place of H.R.H. the past Master's Badge is substituted and the Plume of Feathers is placed on the ribbon between the two Bars — the top bar bearing the name and the number of the Lodge and the number that the Holder of the same ranked in the Lodge whilst a small white elephant (the Heraldic Badge of India) makes the allusion to H.R.H.'s Tour. The original Jewel from which the design was taken can be viewed in the Museum at Great Queen Street.

During the first year's work by W. Bro. J. Wright there were six joining Members and twenty-six Initiates. Followed by W. Bro. J.W. Robinson with one joining Member and twelve Initiates, and finally the First J.W. Bro. W.T. Morphew rounded off with two joining Members and fifteen Initiates, so the Lodge was firmly launched on its Masonic career.

It was in 1878 that the venue was changed from The Star and Garter Hotel to The Fox and Hounds near the Railway Station, Putney, for reasons unknown. Also, in this year Bro. G.W. Silcock was elected as a joining Member which must have had a bearing on the fact that the Lodge again moved from The Fox and Hounds to The White Lion Hotel where Bro. Silcock was the Proprietor. It would appear, at that time, the Lodge was being committed to changing Hotels overnight, nevertheless, having reached The White Lion Hotel finally seemed to settle.

True to their original idea in desiring to call The Lodge, Loyalty and Charity and to carry out the same doctrine, they set themselves a target and in the first twenty-five years they were Vice Presidents of all the Institutions.

During the time the Lodge has been formed 233 Gentlemen have been initiated. The number on the Books, at that time, including Country and Honourable Members, was 93 over a span of twenty-five years.

Whilst on this subject of figures it may not be amiss to note that rapid strides had been made in Freemasonry under "The Protector of the Order" this being the new title H.M. The King desires to be known by on all occasions in connection with the Craft. Dating from our own number an addition of some 1,259 Lodges had been added, the last number on Grand Lodge Books being 2,844.

It was in 1898 at Easter that Bro. Chenney, his Wife and Others went down in the boat "Stella" which came to grief in the fog on a voyage to Jersey.

The Meetings during this period were very pleasant and harmonious. The Entertainment was provided by W. Bro. Thomas on the violin and our W.Bro. Robinson rendered songs of that era. His favourite rendering at Installation Meetings was the Master's song. W.Bro. Robinson left the position as Secretary in 1889, it was taken over by W.Bro. G.A. Knight, P.M. until 1893 when W.Bro. Robinson agreed to take up Office again. Another change was made by W.Bro. G. Watkins, Treasurer of the Lodge from 1876 to 1893 who gave up his position to W.Bro. Collick, P.M.

At this juncture the Lodge was enjoying the services of Bro. John Cox, Organist, and Bro. Gregory, Tyler, serving up to ten years or more, and along with the stalwarts was W.Bro. Jesse Collins, Founder and P.M., D.C. for eleven years. This type of service held the Lodge in a very buoyant position, backed by a very good Lodge of Instruction who met weekly at The Railway Hotel, Putney. In the early 1900's there were various Initiates from all Professions. We seemed to be dominated by the Gas Company, Electrical Trades and our fair share of City Police, not to forget the odd dash of the Metropolitan Police coupled with Licensed Victuallers, Accountants, Surveyors, Comedians, Stockbrokers, Solicitors, Independent Gentlemen and countless other followings. Needless to say this gave the Lodge a colourful gathering.

The Initiation Fee was raised from Seven Guineas to Ten in 1903, the yearly subscription was Three Guineas payable half-yearly. It was normal in those days to propose a Notice of Motion on the Lodge Summons to discuss the business of a Ladies' Night for the year, hitherto they had the Lodge Meeting, completed their business on the Agenda and then adjourned for Dinner which was afterwards followed by a Dance, the Ladies having made their own way to the Dance. At this stage, however, the Ladies made known the fact that they would prefer a later Dance and Supper. This was to be the first seed of separation from Lodge Meetings. The following year opened with a notification of the death of W.Bro. S.A. Watkins, Treasurer for Seventeen years — a very loyal service.

Occasionally there would be a variation in Lodge business.

On 2nd May, 1907, a Notice of Motion appeared that "in consequence of an unpleasantness which arose after the last Meeting the Brethren will be asked to cancel the Appointment of the Tyler and elect another Brother instead." Obviously a slight ripple of tension was no doubt dealt with, in a diplomatic way by The Elders of the Lodge.

With the institution of London Rank in 1908, came an invitation for the Worshipful Master to submit the name of a worthy Past Master. It was unanimously agreed that W.Bro. Robinson's name as a Foundation Master for his outstanding services to the Lodge be submitted, without hesitation, by the Past Masters.

A notable incident in 1912 was the Titanic disaster. There were collections made in various Lodges towards the Fund.

Time speeded on, Meetings were happy and normal and no undue issues came before the Lodge.

The 1914 Minutes refer to the Death of W.Bro. J.W. Robinson, P.M., L.R. A tribute of respect and mourning was paid to his memory. He died in April, 1914. In all he occupied the position of Secretary for twenty-eight years having been a Member for thirty-eight years.

This year was also marked by the Declaration of War on Germany on August 4th, 1914. This was a War that had a deep effect on the Nation's emotions. The Death Rolls were heavy and Masonry suffered quite considerably. There were some Initiates that were detained from taking further steps by the intervention of those few letters that meant a lot "O.H.M.S.". It was agreed that the Order of Dress would be Morning Dress or Uniform.

Freemasonry began to slump. There were very few Initiates, Members were scattered on Munitions, in the Army, Navy and the Royal Flying Corp.

W.Bro. Drayson became Secretary of the Lodge.

He re-designed the Lodge Summons which is similar to the present day.

A Resolution was passed by Grand Lodge, June 2nd, 1915, which read as follows:

"That in order to prevent the peace and harmony of the Craft being disturbed that all Brethren of German, Austrian, Hungarian or Turkish birth should not, during the continuance of the War, attend any Meeting of Grand Lodge or of a Provincial District Grand Lodge or of a Private Lodge or any other Masonic Meeting and that such Brethren be, and they are hereby required by Grand Lodge to abstain from such attendance and that a copy of this Resolution be forwarded to the Secretary of every Lodge."

It was during the 1914-18 War that two Members joined the Lodge, who became very active Masons, one was Mr. A.O. Rixon, Shipping Clerk, proposed by Bro. Boswell, and Mr. Robert Whitbread, Wine and Spirit Merchant, proposed by Bro. Baylin. The total of Initiates during the War period was very few.

The War came slowly to an end in consequence of the German collapse and a return to normal life began. The Lodge settled down to a steady life firmly entrenched at The Holborn Restaurant who then announced the opening of the new Masonic Temple in 1919, which did proud service until its closing-down in 1966. Some of the Members will remember the Temple being domed, very ornate, with stepped seats to the Temple floor, giving a distinct view of the working.

During this year the visitors' fee was increased to Fifteen shillings. Whether this was due to the splendour of the Temple one wouldn't be really sure.

It was in 1920 that W. Bro. Drayson, our Secretary was Honoured with London rank for his services to the Lodge.

It was this period that became a busy one. Seven Candidates were proposed at one Meeting. It gives you the atmosphere, people were beginning to settle down after a rough passage of War. The Lodge increased and attendances were getting towards the eighties.

The Ladies Night was proposed in the Lodge business as a Dinner and Concert to be held in the Venetian Chamber at The Holborn Restaurant. Price of tickets was thirty shillings each which gained a popular attendance.

In 1921 a letter was read by The Secretary from Bro. H.R.H. The Prince of Wales asking for a donation towards the Boy Scouts. A sum of two guineas was granted.

There was also a communication from Grand Lodge stating that no Member should visit a Belgium Lodge or under Rule 150 of the Book of Constitution admit visitors therefrom. At that time they had not been accorded recognition by The United Grand Lodge of England.

It was in the year 1922 the then Prince of Wales returned from his visit to India.

It was an eventful opportunity for W.Bro. Drayson to suggest that they formed a Royal Commemoration Chapter. The Petition was sent to Grand Lodge and granted. The Prince of Wales being a Royal Arch Mason a letter was sent inviting him to attend the Consecration but due to his extensive Tour, the King had offered him six months rest from all duties at home but an Equerry was sent to be in attendance on June the Third, 1922, which proved to be a very successful Meeting and the Royal Commemoration Chapter was off to a good start.

A Special Committee was formed by Grand Lodge in 1919 to make possible the Masonic Peace Memorial, the proposed Central Home of the United Grand Lodge of England. A Notice of these findings was printed and sent to Lodges in September 1922, that the sum of a Million Pounds would be needed to make the Memorial a reality to the supreme sacrifice that the Brethren had made during the War years.

Our Secretary, W .Bro. Drayson, proposed that a Royal Commemoration Charity Association be formed. The Rules were submitted and accepted by the Brethren and the necessary procedures were instigated.

In 1923 it was announced that W.Bro. S.A. Pardoe was Honoured with London Rank. Up to this year he had served as Treasurer for nineteen years. He was recognised for his integrity and resourcefulness which befitted his position in the Lodge.

Our Secretary, keen on furthering the work after the War years, was intent on accommodating our London Members who were known to have joined the Twenty Masonic Club formed in 1903 and meeting at The Appletree & Mitre, 30, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. He therefore proposed that a Warrant be issued forthwith to the Second Royal Commemoration Lodge of Instruction to meet at the above address and to incorporate the Twenty Masonic Club which had been in existence since 1902. This was duly registered on the 16th April, 1923.

The First Lodge of Instruction was still meeting at the Railway Hotel, Putney, and was serving the Lodge in a very efficient and able manner but obviously time and travel had made a division from the Putney Members.

It was during this year that W.Bro. Church was installed in the Chair, later to become one of our outstanding personalities who ultimately gave great service to the Lodge.

A letter was received from Grand Lodge inviting assistance for our Bro. Masons who had suffered in a disastrous earthquake and tidal wave in Japan. A special Meeting was held by the W.M. and the Past Masters and it was agreed that a sum of twenty-five guineas be sent to Grand Lodge in aid of the Fund.

A pleasant surprise awaited the Lodge in 1924, W. Bro. Drayson was appointed by the M.W.G.M. to the Rank of Past Asst. Grand Director of Ceremonies in the Grand Lodge of England. To this date he had been Secretary of the Lodge for ten years. He was to be our First Grand Lodge Officer. At the same time W. Bro. Low was honoured with London Rank.

It was at this time emergency Meetings were held for the purpose of easing the regular Meetings to help the Members through their Degrees. This was quite a regular occurrence owing to a long waiting list.

August 1925 was to be the M.M.M. Fund Festival and a sum of twenty-five guineas was voted and agreed.

Another Honour was granted from The M.W.G.M. of London Rank to W. Bro. Woods, also for his services to the Lodge.

Many letters were received during these years from Masons in the Hospital which at that time was in the Fulham Palace Road and it was understood to be excellent in attention and treatment although the buildings were somewhat ancient.

A Lodge Committee Meeting was called on August 6th, 1925 and a discussion took place to find out the best method of celebrating the Jubilee. A sum of ten guineas was voted to the three Masonic Institutions and the Hospital. Also in addition that a new Lodge Banner be purchased and the sum of fifteen guineas was allowed for musical entertainment as an extra.

The Fiftieth Meeting was held on May 6th, 1925 and W. Bro. J.H. McNaughton, Father of the Master Elect took the Chair and installed his Son into the Chair of the Lodge — Bro. J.H.G. McNaughton.

At the October Meeting it was proposed that the estimate for a new banner from Messrs. George Kenning & Son be accepted at the total cost of £62 and that it should be consecrated at the Installation Meeting in May, 1926.

Lodge 1585 - 1926 to 1946

On May the Fourth, 1926, we were greeted with the greatest Industrial Dispute in British history. Buses stood still, trains stayed in the sidings. Was this to be the great Revolution? No-one really knew the answer.

As far as The Royal Commemoration Lodge was concerned, their Installation took place on May the Fifth. It was to be a bumper Meeting. The Rt. Rev. The Lord Bishop of Buckingham had promised to attend and Consecrate the new Lodge Banner but owing to the Strike and the distance he had to travel he was unable to be present. Transport being at a standstill obviously affected the Meeting. It could have been a record attendance. It was the widespread nature of the Strike which prevented six Grand Lodge Officers from attending and over a hundred guests. The total finally was ninety-one including thirty-four guests which at that time appeared to be quite a feat.

W.Bro. McNaughton was presented with a Past Master's Collar and Jewel for his capable services.

The Brethren taking full advantage of it being a Jubilee Year W .Bro. Drayson as Secretary was presented with a Canteen of Cutlery, W. Bro. Pardoe, Treasurer, with a Silver Salver and W. Bro. J. Thomas, D.C. with a Chiming Clock, so ended the Jubilee in very high spirits.

At the December Meeting, 1926, a letter was received from The Grand Secretary, Reference July 14th, 1927, being the date for the laying of the Foundation Stone of The Masonic Peace Memorial Building. Any Members wishing to attend should inform The Secretary. Also at this time a Notice was received from Grand Lodge stating that "all Candidates of Alien Enemy Birth may now be proposed as a Member of a Lodge and may be initiated if the Ballot is unanimous in his favour. A similar result is necessary in the case of a joining Member." The War had a far reaching effect on the emotions of the people which had lasted until 1927. The original Resolution was made in 1916 as previously mentioned.

It was with great regret at the April Meeting that the death of W. Bro. S.A. Pardoe was announced. He was eight years a Member of London Rank, a Member of the Lodge for fifty-one years and a Treasurer for twenty-three years. Also at the May Meeting W. Bro. F.A. Williams London Rank was appointed Treasurer.

The Secretary received a Note from W. Bro. J. Thomas, L.R.D.C. for twenty-four years asking for assistance. He was unable to follow his Profession as violinist owing to severe rheumatism and neuritis. A sum of fifty guineas was voted to him and every help where possible to be given. It was truly a sad case but the Brethren obviously rallied to his support.

At the November Meeting, 1928, W. Bro. Drayson, Secretary, delivered into the keeping of the Lodge three Ivory Gavels, suitably inscribed presented by Mrs. Pardoe in memory of her late Husband.

W. Bro. Gee our new D.C. was accorded the Honour of London Rank in February, 1929, also the news was made known from the Freemasons Hospital and Nursing Home, Fulham, that a site had been obtained at Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, and an Appeal to the Craft would be necessary involving a sum of £250,000.

In the same year Bro. Rixon was elected into the Chair to prove a very worthy Master.

The Secretary received a letter from W. Bro. Haddock, Secretary of The Royal Commemoration Lodge of Instruction meeting at The Railway Hotel, Putney, an extract from the Minutes of the Meeting held on October 7th, sending cordial greetings to the Mother Lodge on the occasion of the Lodge of Instruction having completed fifty years of good work. An appreciation of that work was sent by The Secretary thanking them for their support and guidance throughout the fifty years.

On May 7th, 1930, Bro. Whitbread was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. Rixon in an excellent manner.

At the November Meeting a loss was announced, the death of Bro. J. Gibbs, a valued Member of the Lodge since 1907.

Our Ladies' Nights were being held at The Kings Hall, Holborn Restaurant, and were becoming increasingly popular. High jinks were reported on numerous occasions — tickets were costing twenty-seven shillings and sixpence.

At the Installation Meeting in May, 1931, Bro. Padgett was installed in the Chair, another noted Member of the Lodge, by W. Bro. Whitbread with the usual finesse.

During this period attendances at the Lodge were averaging between eighty and a hundred Members.

In the same year W. Bro. McNaughton, P.M. proposed and Bro. Windibank seconded that the Lodge should recommend the Petition to Grand Lodge for the formation of a new Lodge to be called The Column Lodge. Considerable discussion arose, many Brethren taking part, some for, some against, during which the Master Designate, W. Bro. J.H.G. McNaughton gave a full assurance on behalf of the Promoters that a fair share of Officers should be allotted to the Members of the Lodge, (was there doubt among the Brethren). The Motion was then put and was declared Carried there being three dissentients.

On October 7th, 1931, the Secretary reported that The Column Lodge 5284 whose Petition was recommended by The Royal Commemoration Lodge was Consecrated on Sept. 18th by W. Bro. Sir Colville Smith, C.V.O. Grand Secretary, assisted by Grand Lodge Officers, amongst whom was W. Bro. Drayson, P.A.G.D.C.

The Lodge in their wisdom in 1932 decided to purchase the Treasurer's Trowel presented by W. Bro. G.A. Watkins, a Founder Member of the Lodge and First Treasurer; Grand Lodge were approached with the idea of accepting the Trowel for the Museum which they did. A sum of ten guineas was sent to Bro. G.A. Watkins' widow for the Trowel. She was in her 90th year.

At the May Meeting W. Bro. Drayson, P.A.G.D.C. after serving eighteen years as Secretary decided to relinquish that Office, which he had most ably served and W. Bro. Rixon was elected to carry out the duties.

W. Bro. Church was accorded London Rank in 1932 and on the retirement of W. Bro. Williams from Treasurer in 1933 he was nominated to replace him and elected Treasurer. He proved to be a very solid anchor.

On the 12th July, 1933, Their Majesties The King and Queen proceeded to Ravenscourt Park to open The Royal Masonic Hospital. A Key was handed to His Majesty by the Architects and the President of the Hospital invited His Majesty to open the door into the main hospital building which was afterwards followed by the Ceremony of Opening the Hospital. This was a great day for Freemasonry. It was London's most up-to-date hospital both in fact and form.

The Secretary informed the Lodge Committee on 4th January, 1935, at a Meeting at the Holborn Restaurant that W. Bro. J.H.G. McNaughton had received the Honour of London Rank through The Column Lodge. In April, 1935, it was voted that the Charity Box should be introduced at the Banqueting Table at each Lodge Meeting. This was agreed and has been the custom since.

The Lodge during this year at the December Meeting was visited by The Right W. Bro. The Earl of Malmsbury, P.G.W. Pro Grand Master for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. There were eighty-one Members present at the Meeting.

At the February Meeting, 1936, the Brethren learned with regret of the death of W. Bro. J.H. McNaughton — eighty-two years of age. It was announced that W. Bro. Rixon had received the Honour of London Rank and the W.M. presented him with his Regalia and thanked him for his services as Secretary of the Lodge.

Another honour was accorded to the Lodge. The Rank of P.A.G.D.C. was conferred on W Bro. Williams. This was our second Grand Lodge Officer.

A further appeal was made to the Craft to raise £50,000 for the M.M.M. Fund to enable them to purchase furnishings and equipment.

A tribute was paid to the late R.W. Sir Colville Smith our Grand Lodge Secretary for many years.

As a mark of respect to the memory of His Late Most Gracious Majesty King George V a Silence of Two Minutes was observed followed by the National Anthem which was sung with great fervour.

In February, 1938, W. Bro. Reddy was Honoured with London Rank.

At the October Meeting we were honoured with a visit from the Right. Worshipful. Assistant Grand Master, Brig. Gen. W.H.V. Darrell. Canada at this time was celebrating its Bi-Centenary in Freemasonry.

In 1939 War was imminent. Undoubtedly it would affect all Meetings and Grand Lodge sent out a Notice on the 4th September that all Masonic Meetings were to be suspended. It was hoped to be a temporary measure.

Ultimately Grand Lodge sent out a Notice that Meetings were to be resumed. Consequently a Meeting was held by the Lodge Committee on 4th October, 1939. Discussion took place on the situation and it was resolved that subject to unforeseen circumstances the Lodge was to meet on its regular dates, also for the present time light refreshments would be served after the proceedings to permit an early departure. It was proposed that the annual subscription be reduced to two guineas during the National Emergency. In December it was agreed to cater for Dinner again provided the fee was increased by one guinea. At the May Meeting in 1940, Bro. Wilkinson was installed in the Chair as Master. He became a popular Precepter at the Lodge of Instruction in later years.

Bro. Eastell, S.W. read a Report eulogising the meritorious services of Bro. A.J. Ball whilst carrying out his duties as a City Constable during an Air Raid who as a result was awarded The George Medal. The Brethren very warmly supported the W.M. in his hearty congratulations.

In the same year W. Bro. Whitbread was honoured with London Grand Rank.

A transfer of one hundred pounds was agreed from the Lodge Funds for Government Loan, at no interest.

The numbers in attendance at the Meetings were beginning to dwindle. It was decided to hold the Meetings at 2.15 p.m. on a Saturday. At the first Meeting there was one Initiation. A total of thirty-three Members attended.

The Secretary announced on April 5th, 1941, W. Bro. Church was accorded the Honour of P.A.G. St. B. by the Most Worshipful Grand Master.

At the May Meeting Bro. Cranmer was installed in the Chair and the Lodge was honoured with a second visit from The Right Hon. The Earl of Donoughmon Grand Master for Ireland and P.G.S.W. of The United Grand Lodge of England. The customary Salute was given. The Lodge was informed at the October Meeting that Bro. Jackson and Tucker had been called up for Military Service also that W. Bro. Padgett had received the Honour of L.G.R.

In February, 1942, the death was announced of P.G.M. Most Worshipful.Bro. Field Marshall H.R.H. The Duke of Cpnnaught and Strathkerne, K.G. who filled the Office of Grand Master from 1901 to 1939.

On 6th May, 1942, Bro. Eastell was installed in the Chair. He served the Lodge as D.C. and is now our Chaplain.

At this Installation Meeting W. Bro. Rixon decided to relinquish his Office of Secretary, a position he had held for ten years and W. Bro. Padgett took over this Office to guide the Lodge through the rest of the War years. W .Bro. Church was Treasurer and we still had Bro. F.C. Warren as Tyler. He had held his position for twelve years.

In October, 1942, it was with profound regret that the untimely death of our respected Grand Master M.W. Bro. Air Commodore H.R.H. The Duke of Kent, K.G. was killed in an Air Crash. A sad loss to Masonry and to the Nation as a whole.

A year later it was announced that The Royal Masonic Hospital had treated over 3,600 Members of H.M. Forces at no expense to the Nation.

In May, 1943, Bro. F.H. Millard was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. E.L. Eastell, in a very able manner. W. Bro. Millard was maintaining the standards of his Gas Board colleagues of whom we had many Members.

A Petition was laid before the Lodge by W. Bro. Church and seconded by W. Bro. Windibank that the three sons of Bro. N.J. Dudley of The Cathay Lodge No. 4373 E.C. Hong Kong killed on Active Service be admitted to The Royal Institution for Boys, on behalf of the widow Mrs. Irene Dudley. This was in view of the fact that Hong Kong was in Enemy occupation.

It was made known at the following Meeting that the Petition was successful.

The Secretary reported that The Curfew Lodge No. 5891, the Granddaughter Lodge, was consecrated at Freemasons Hall on Thursday, 30th September, 1943, with W .Bro. J.H.C. McNaughton, L.G.R. as First Master.

Bro. H. Tarry who was serving in H.M. Forces and was on leave was able to attend a Meeting and expressed his appreciation on behalf of all the Members in H.M. Forces for the money sent to them.

Letters also were received from Bro. Tucker and Bro. Bowden serving in the Middle East.

In February 1944, W. Bro. H.S. Clarke was Honoured by the M.W.G.M. with the dignity of London Grand Rank.

In May, 1944, Bro. R.J. Smith was installed in the Chair as W.M. and in February of the following year he was awarded by H.M. The King in the New Year's Honours List with the King's Police Medal for distinguished service in connection with Flying Bomb attacks. It was proposed by W.Bro. Church and Seconded by Bro. Hacket that a hearty vote of congratulation be accorded to him. This was carried unanimously.

The Secretary announced that the M.W.G.M. had honoured W. Bro. J.H.C. McNaughton with Grand Rank A.G.St.B. This was accorded to him through The Column Lodge and it was proposed that the cost of the Regalia be shared by both Lodges.

On the 2nd May, 1945, the Installation Meeting was a meritorious one. W. Bro. R.J. Smith installed Bro. A.J. Ball (one Police Officer to another). This proved to be a very popular Meeting and was without doubt attended in force. There was a total of ninety-six Members of which thirty-six were Guests.

The Meeting was attended by The Most W. Bro. The Right Honourable Earl of Donoughmore, K.P.P.C., Grand Master of Ireland and P.G.W. of England.

The Secretary announced that in the event of the cessation of Hostilities in the European Theatre of War before the October Meeting the annual Lodge dues would revert to the pre-War fee of 31/2guineas, and that it might be possible to meet on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays.

W. Bro. Church stated at the October Meeting, 1945, that W .Bro. Padgett, L.G.R. had been elected to serve on the Committee of The London Rank Association for a term of three years.

The Royal Commemoration Lodge Masonic Charities Association No. 1585 Bye-Laws were revised.

Our I.P.M. W. Bro. R.J. Smith was in Greece with the British Police Mission with the Rank of Brigadier.

The Secretary gave Notice of Motion to propose at the next Meeting December 5th, 1945, that on the restoration of Peace, as a thanks offering the sum of ten guineas be donated to each of the four Masonic Institutions.

At the Meeting in April, 1946, W. Bro. A.J. Ball welcomed W.8ro. R.J. Smith on his return from Greece.

We were also greeted with the news that the Lodge had qualified as a Patron of The Royal Masonic Hospital, coupled with the fact that the M.W.G.M. had honoured W .Bro. Rixon with the Rank of P.A.G.St.B. He was presented with his Regalia and in addition to our own Grand Lodge Officers W .Bro. Church and W. Bro. Rixon, Sir Harold Kenyon, M.B.E., P.G.D. President of The London Rank Association was in attendance.

At the October Meeting there was a discussion on Fees and it was proposed that the Initiation Fee be increased from twenty guineas to twenty-five guineas and the Annual Fee be increased from 3Vi guineas to four guineas. The Initiation Fee was carried but the Annual Fee of four guineas was rejected. (We live again.)

The Secretary reported to the Lodge that the Second Royal Commemoration of Instruction had resumed Meetings on a Monday Evening at The Bolton Hotel, Earls Court Road, S.W.5.

The Secretary also informed the Lodge that W. Bro. A.O. Rixon, P.A.G.St.B. had been honoured with an Appointment as a Consecrating Officer.

It was agreed that the Loan of £100 Free of Interest to His Majesty's Government be recovered and placed in the General Fund. The M.W.G.M. honoured W. Bro. Windibank with L.G.R. for his Services to the Craft.

Acting on a Notice required by The Board of General Purposes with regard to Freemasonry and War a permanent record should be detailed in regard to the War period. This was compiled by our very efficient Secretary, W.Bro. Padgett, L.G.R. and read as follows: —



(Entered on the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lodge held on Wednesday, 5th February, 1947, at the Holborn Restaurant, High Holborn, W.C.1. in accordance with the requirements of the Board of General Purposes, June Quarterly Communication to Grand Lodge, 1946).

In recording the impact of the World War 1939—1945 upon the Royal Commemoration Lodge, 1 585, all gratitude is due to T.G.A.O.T.U. that, whilst many of the Brethren suffered damage in varying degrees to their homes, none was killed or seriously wounded.

Throughout the period of the War the Lodge failed to meet on only four occasions. The day of meeting was changed from the first Wednesday to the first Saturday in the months of meeting, except for the Installation in May, the Lodge being opened at high noon with the after proceedings terminating at about 4-30 p.m. With the continuation of British Summer Time throughout the winter months the Brethren were thereby enabled to return to their homes by nightfall. In spite of some of the Brethren, by reason of their duties, being unable to attend as often as they would have wished, the attendances at Regular Meetings were usually 45—50, and on Installation days, 70—80.

Although the Holborn Restaurant received serious damage by enemy action, the Lodge sustained no loss of records or property, and the Lodge's grateful thanks are due to the Restaurant for the manner in which it carried on during this trying period. The Lodge is proud of the way in which the Members served their Country. Many were actively engaged in Civil Defence, National Fire Service, Home Guard and in Public Utility Undertakings. No attempt is made to record them individually, as activities of this nature were the common and accepted lot of Englishmen at that time.

At the outbreak of War, Bro. H.Z. Foreman was the Lodge's only Regular Officer; he was serving in the R.A.F. as Flying Officer. At the termination of hostilities he held the rank of Wing Commander, and the decoration of O.B.E., the citation for which is not available at the time of compiling this Minute as he is serving in Japan.

The following Brethren served in the Armed Forces of the Crown:

  • W. Bro. A. Strange, Staff Major, Grade 2, D.A.Q.M.G.(M)
  • Bro. E.W. Wilson, Major, R.A.O.C.
  • Bro. E.W. Aust, Major, General List
  • Bro. A.W.I. Watts, Squadron Leader, R.A.F.
  • Bro. S.E. Tucker, Lieut., R.A.C.
  • Bro. C.A. Watts, R.A.
  • Bro. H.L. Tarry, R.A.F.
  • Bro. A.E. Jackson, R.A.S.C.
  • Bro. J.S. Hook, R.A.C.
  • Bro. R.V. Stephens, R.A.F.
  • Bro. K.W.B. Bowden, R.A.

Whilst serving as an Inspector in the City of London Police, W.Bro. A.J. Ball was decorated by His Majesty. Citation, London Gazette, 2nd May, 1941 — During a heavy raid on 29th December, 1940, Inspector Ball showed great courage and devotion to duty when fires were caused by High Explosive and Incendiary Bombs. The citation continues — The three men entered burning premises to rescue the occupants, and they were responsible for the evacuation of people from shelters which were endangered by fire.

Whilst serving as Superintendent, "K" Division, Metropolitan Police, W.Bro. R.J. Smith was Decorated by His Majesty. Citation in the New Year Honours List, 1945 — H.M. The King has been graciously pleased to award the King's Police and Fire Services Medal to Supt. Smith, "K" Division, for distinguished service in connection with the Flying Bomb attacks. W.Bro. Smith was subsequently appointed Assistant Chief of the British Police Mission to Greece with the Rank of Brigadier, and he served in Greece from 6th July, 1945 to 2nd March, 1946.

This concluded the War years for The Royal Commemoration Lodge.

At the April Meeting, 1947, it was proposed by W. Bro. Millard seconded by W. Bro. Church, P.A.G.St.B. and supported by W .Bro. Padgett, L.G.R. that this Lodge support a Petition to Found a new Lodge to be named The Star of Friendship Lodge. After some discussion the proposition was carried.

In May, 1947, Bro. W.R. Smith, who was in the Position of J.W. was elected and installed in the Chair. On facts presented this was the only time that the S.W.'s Chair was by-passed.

At the October Meeting, the Secretary read a Dispensation of the 30th May, 1947, granted by the R.W. Acting G.M. to initiate more than two Candidates on the same day, they were to be sons of Bro. Gallier, Peter, John and James. This also was the only Meeting three Candidates from one family were Initiated at the same time which was ably carried out by W.Bro. W.R. Smith.

On 27th May, 1947, the death was announced of our Grand Master M.W. Bro. The Earl of Harewood, K.C.

At the October Meeting, the Secretary reported that The Star of Friendship Lodge No. 6496 was consecrated on the 11th July. It was in April, 1948, the death was announced of Bro. A. Robinson who died on the 12th April, 1948, severing the link with his father. Founder and Secretary.

In May, the same year Annual Dues were increased from three and a half guineas to five guineas and the Dining Fee to twenty-one shillings.

The Secretary read an extract from the Annual Report of The Royal Masonic Hospital inviting daughters of Members of the Craft to train as nurses under the Hospital Nurses Training Scheme.

At the May Installation, 1949, Bro. C.A. Watts was installed W.M. by W. Bro. Whiteley, who has given us excellent service as Almoner and Chaplain in the Lodge.

The Lodge Committee met at The Holborn Restaurant in 1950, and W. Bro. Rixon, P.A.G.St.B. proposed that the Annual Fee remain at five guineas and the number of Meetings be reduced to four from six. This was seconded by W. Bro. Smith. It was obviously a financial crisis. There was at that time also a lack of Candidates and the alternative was to increase Fees which the Committee were reluctant to do.

In May, 1950, W. Bro. Watts had the pleasure to install Bro. Tucker into the Chair as W.M. W. Bro. Tucker gave quite a lot of time to Masonry and to the Lodge in particular.

At this Meeting it was proposed by the Treasurer and seconded by the Secretary, that in view of the continued rising costs and to avoid increasing Annual Fees the number of Meetings be reduced from six to four.

After lengthy discussion it was proposed by W .Bro. Willis seconded by Bro. Thompson that the Motion be amended to Four Dining Meetings and Two Non-Dining. The amendment was lost.

There were four Proposals put forward plus Amended Motion.

Finally a Counter Motion was carried.

The Meetings remain at six but expenses be cut by discontinuing the supply of cigars, cigarettes, wine and paid entertainment except at Installation Meetings. (Quite a Meeting to remember)

W. Bro. Overton had the Honour of L.G.R. conferred on him by the M.W.G.M.

A communication arrived from Grand Lodge and the death was announced by The Right W .Bro. Right Hon. Earl of Scarborough, K.G., Acting Grand Master, of M.W. Bro. His Grace The Duke of Devonshire, K.G.

The Secretary sent a letter to Grand Lodge stating that we would be willing to entertain Visitors during the Festival of Britain. Grand Lodge replied and thanked the Lodge for their hospitality.

At the May Meeting, 1951, 101 Members were present to see Bro. F. Shannon installed in the Chair by W. Bro. Tucker. As we are all aware W .Bro. Shannon had helped the Lodge in many ways throughout his time spent with the Craft.

Attention was drawn to the forthcoming Installation of the M.W. Bro. Right Hon. The Earl of Scarborough, K.G. as Grand Master at The Royal Albert Hall on the 6th November, 1951. The W.M. would attend with a Guest and W.Bro. Padgett, L.G.R., would be acting as a special Steward.

The Lodge of Instruction had obtained a suitable place of meeting at The Gloucester, 187, Sloane Street, W.1. This was largely due to Bro. P.H. Peacock who worked in that area.

We were honoured by the dignity of L.G.R. being conferred on W.Bro. Kibblewhite.

The Secretary announced the death in the early hours of the 6th February of the M.W. Bro. H.M. King George VI, Past Grand Master of the United Lodge of England, which was the actual day of the Meeting.

In February, 1953, the contents of the Charity Box was donated to the East Coast Flood Disaster plus twenty-five guineas to be sent to The Lord Mayor's Fund in aid of the victims.

It was announced at the October Meeting, 1954, by W.Bro. Church that W.Bro. Padgett had been elected Deputy Vice President of the London Rank Association.

During this period W.Bro. Millard was carrying out his duties as Almoner, which seemed to be keeping him very busy according to Lodge reports.

Brethren were entertaining Guests during the Coronation via Grand Lodge. It was a very happy event.

During this year W.Bro. Whitbread was honoured with the Rank of P.A.G.St.B. by the M.W.G.M.

On a unanimous decision by the Past Masters W .Bro. Last was chosen for the honour of London Grand Rank which was duly conferred on him.

It was at this time rumours were circulating that the Holborn Restaurant was to close. It was talk in the Daily Press, but according to a letter sent to W. Bro. Padgett it was to be a number of years before it would finally close.

The Secretary announced at the February Meeting, 1954, with great pleasure that W. Bro. R.J. Smith had been honoured by H.M. The Queen with the C.V.O. in the New Year Honours List.

Special reference was made by the Secretary to the loss sustained by the Craft and particularly London Masonry in the death of The Right W.Bro. Brig. Gen. W.H.V. Darell, C.B., G.M., D.S.O., A.G.M.

Concern was expressed by W. Bro. Jackson, W.M. at a Committee Meeting about the future of the Holborn Restaurant. It was finally agreed that other accommodation be investigated at the earliest opportunity and a Sub-Committee was formed.

Bro. Hackett a Member of the Force in Blue and a force to be remembered was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. Jackson in a most able manner. This was the final Meeting to be held at the Holborn Restaurant.

As a consequence of the Holborn Restaurant closing on the 2nd April, 1955, the Sub-Committee had booked on behalf of the Lodge the Masonic Suite of the Oxford Street Corner House, 14, Oxford Street, W.1.

Our most efficient Secretary, W. Bro. Padgett was installed as President of the London Rank Association. No previous Member of the Lodge had reached such status and hearty congratulations were accorded to him.

The great move from the Holborn Restaurant was made on the 13th October, 1954, when a Meeting was held at the Oxford Street Corner House. The first move for 51 years.

It was at this juncture that the fees were reviewed. The Initiation Fee became thirty guineas and the Annual Fee six guineas; the Dining Fee remained at one guinea.

Reviewing the Officers after our break from the Holborn; W. Bro. Padgett was our Secretary, W.. Bro. Church, the Treasurer and W. Bro. Whitbread was D.C. W. Bro. Ball was Asst. Secretary, the Tyler being Bro. Warren who was almost a part of the Lodge equipment. At the October Meeting, 1955, W. Bro. Wilkinson was awarded London Grand Rank. He was a Member who had served the Lodge of Instruction with great zeal.

It was made news at the Committee Meeting that W. Bro. Church, P.A.G.St.B. wished to resign as Treasurer after a period of twenty-four years. He had been a very popular and forthright Member of the Lodge. At last, time to up anchor and enjoy the Lodge activities as an observer. The W.M. presented him with a Vellum in appreciation and gratitude from the Lodge.

W. Bro. Tucker who had managed the Charities Association for many years was a unanimous choice as Treasurer.

In May, 1957, at the same time W. Bro. Whitbread stated he would not continue as D.C. and W. Bro. Wilkinson was appointed to take his Office. W..Bro. Jackson was appointed Assistant D.C. and W.Bro. Howell, Asst. Secretary.

As a consequence of the M.W.G.M. appointing W. Bro. Padgett, L.G.R. to the Rank of P.A.G.St.B. the Treasurer proposed and W. Bro. Willis seconded that he be presented with his Regalia.

At the October Meeting, 1957, the Secretary reported on the 16th August, the brave act of our W.M. George Mothersole, when be boldly tried to give assistance in a hold-up and as a result he received injuries and a broken arm, but fortunately was not so grievously injured as reported in the Press (our George was made of sterner stuff).

The Royal Masonic Hospital expressed its appreciation of the List of one thousand guineas taken up by W. Bro. H.E. Howell. He also organised a tour of the hospital for thirty Brethren and their wives.

It was reported with regret the death of Sir Sidney White, K.C.V.O.Gr and Secretary on the 9th March, 1958 and the appointment of the Deputy Grand Secretary W. Bro. J.W. Stubbs as his successor.

At a Committee Meeting in 1958, there was a report of several incidents considered to be against the best interests of the Lodge. It was unanimously agreed to terminate the services of the Organist (case of the music going flat).

The Non-Dining Fee was increased from one guinea to two guineas, the Visitors Fee from one pound to one pound two shillings and sixpence.

Bro. H.C. Jamieson our present Treasurer was installed in the Chair in a very able manner by W. Bro. G. Mothersole.

W. Bro. George Church, P.A.G.St.B. celebrated his fifty years in the Lodge on October 8th, 1958. A sincere vote of congratulations and thanks were accorded him.

The Secretary had been in touch with Grand Lodge about the deletion of the word Second from the name of the Lodge of Instruction. The first Lodge of Instruction was in being before the War. Apparently there was no trace of it (sort of lost legion). However the second one was flourishing and was regularly attended.

At the Lodge Committee Meeting held at The Duke of York, 47, Rathbone Road, W.1. it was unanimously agreed that the Candidates Aprons would be carried from East to West on a Cushion which was kindly presented by W. Bro. Whitbread, P.A.G.St.B. W. Bro. Jamieson thanked him for his gift on behalf of the Lodge.

Our Secretary announced at the 1959 October Meeting, that he had retired from business and had moved to Bexhill. He thought in the interests of the Lodge that another Member should take over the position and W. Bro. Shannon said he was prepared to accept the appointment. The Lodge considered themselves in a safe position for the future.

It was announced with deep regret that W. Bro. Willis, L.G.R. died on the 27th January, 1960, aged 64, from a heart attack. He was initiated in 1921, and would be missed for his work in the Lodge.

W. Bro. C. Padgett, P.A.G.St.B. at the Installation, May, 1960, was thanked for his dedication to the Lodge as Secretary for eighteen years. The Master presented him with a cheque on behalf of the Lodge. At this Meeting our present Secretary W. Bro. P.E. Jones, L.G.R. was installed in the Chair.

In 1961, the Secretary read correspondence from Gery Brooks and Partners, Solicitors, 55, Welbeck Street, W.1. and the Grand Secretary respecting the Will of the late Bro. James Gibb (Junior) in which the sum of £10,000 had been left for the Charities in England of The Royal Commemoration Lodge No. 1585.

It was proposed by W. Bro. A.J. Ball and seconded by W. Bro. Howell that the following Members of the Lodge be formed into a Committee to deal with the matters arising from the bequest. They were W. Bros. S.E. Tucker, F.E. Shannon, Bros. L.C. Stevens, H.A. Thomas and G.C. Henry, a formidable team.

At the May Meeting, 1961, the first Bro. P.W.T. Gallier, was installed in the Chair, whose work and support at the Lodge of Instruction we were to benefit from. The Secretary reported that W. Bro. S.E. Tucker had been recently invested as P.P.A.G.D.C. for the Province of Middlesex and a token of money from the Lodge was granted towards his Regalia.

W. Bro. E. Eastell was honoured by the award of London Grand Rank by the M.W.G.M. He was congratulated by the Lodge. The Secretary informed us of a letter of resignation from Bro. F.G. Warren. A character to be remembered. He served the Lodge as Tyler for thirty-one years. The Lodge Committee recommended that a sum of twenty guineas be sent to Bro. F.G. Warren in recognition of his devout services.

At the December Meeting the death was announced of W. Bro. G.F. Church, P.A.G.St.B. on the 20th November, 1961. He was an active Member for fifty-three years and Treasurer for twenty-four years. A letter of sympathy was received from the Grand Secretary.

It was finally reported that the sum of £10,000 would shortly be paid to the Lodge under the Will of Mrs. Margaret Cornell (formerly Gibb) from the Residuary Estate of her late husband James Gibb. It could be expected that the money would be paid to the Lodge in December, 1961.

Bro. L.C. Stevens who had undertaken to legally advise the Lodge in this matter fully explained the position and proposed that the Lodge be recommended to place the money into the hands of certain Members of the Lodge to be elected Trustees by Irrevocable Deed of Trust; That a Fund be formed of this money to be called The Royal Commemoration Lodge 1585 Gibb Memorial Benevolent Fund. Seconded by W. Bro. S.E. Tucker the Proposal was carried.

W. Bro. C.A. Watts proposed and Bro. J.A. Gallier seconded that the following Members be recommended to the Lodge as Trustees, W. Bros. S.E. Tucker, F.E. Shannon, Bros. L.C. Stevens, G.C. Henry and H.A. Thomas.

It was also agreed that pending the execution of the Trust the money would be deposited in the Lodge Account and was duly paid in. The W.M. thanked Bro. L.C. Stevens for the work and most valuable assistance he had given to the Lodge.

At the May Meeting, 1962, Bro. J. A. Gallier was installed in the Chair in a very able manner by his brother W. Bro. P.E. Gallier. It was W. Bro. John Gallier who was Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for some twelve years ably assisted by W. Bro. Peter Gallier as Deputy Preceptor.

The death was announced of W .Bro. Kibblewhite, L.G.R. on the 5th May, 1962. He joined the Lodge in April, 1924, a popular Member. In the same year W. Bro. Millard died on the 2nd July. He had been Almoner of the Lodge for twelve years. He joined the Lodge in December, 1925. He was admired by all for his very thorough work as Almoner.

On the 12th August, 1962, our Organist, Bro. F.G. Luke died, another sad loss. For some years past he had given the Brethren pleasure with his music.

The W.M. announced that W .Bro. C.A. Watts had agreed to take Office as Almoner of the Lodge from October, 1962. The W.M. thanked him for his acceptance of the position.

It was with regret that W. Bro. A.O. Rixon our Grand Lodge Officer applied to be put on the Non-Dining List owing to the chronic illness of his wife. He had been a past Secretary of the Lodge, always active in the affairs of the Lodge.

At the April Meeting the Secretary reported that the Lodge was honoured with the presence of W. Bro. E.J. Brown who had kindly visited this Lodge to formally restore the engraved Tyler's Sword (presented by Bro. W.T. Morphew, First Senior Deacon to the Royal Commemoration Lodge 1585 March, 1876). This Sword had been found amongst the effects of the Piscatorial Society of which W.Bro. Brown was Secretary. Our W.M. W .Bro. J.A. Gallier accepted the Sword on behalf of the Lodge and thanked W. Bro. Brown most sincerely for its return.

In May, 1963, at the Installation Meeting, W. Bro. Shannon relinquished the position of Secretary with reluctance owing to the pressure of business. He was thanked by the W.M. for his services as Secretary. Bro. G.C. Henry was appointed as Secretary and W .Bro. H.E.S. Howell as Treasurer.

In October the death of our Bro. F.G. Warren was announced — Lodge Tyler for thirty-one years.

The Secretary stated that W. Bro. A.J. Ball had been honoured by the M.W.G.M. with London Grand Rank for his services to the Lodge. As a mark of appreciation he was presented with his Regalia.

It had been decided through the Gibb Memorial Fund to send flowers or hampers at Xmas each year as a token from the Lodge to all widows of Members. This was organised by Bro. L.C. Stevens and Bro. P.H. Peacock. In respect of their services they were congratulated and thanked.

The agreed figure of one hundred guineas was now being awarded annually to the four Institutions by the Lodge from the Gibb Memorial Fund.

In 1964, Bro. Colledge was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. C.S. Brookes. W. Bro. Colledge is our present Almoner. The Secretary reported on a letter received from the Grand Secretary dated 28th December, 1963, with regard to a suggested Donation of one pound from each subscribing Member towards the 250th Anniversary Fund which would be made available to the Royal College of Surgeons of England to further research into the Science of Surgery, particularly by the provision of Fellowships. At the May Meeting, 1965, Bro. F.J. Kerridge was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. C.S. Brookes in the absence of W. Bro. Colledge. W. Bro. F.J. Kerridge was our Secretary in later years.

At the November Meeting, 1965, W .Bro. Tucker, P.P.A.G.D.C. Middx. as Trustee proposed the usual amounts to the Institutions from the Gibb Memorial Fund with the exception that the Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund had one hundred and fifty guineas and the other three one hundred guineas. The Proposition was seconded by Bro. H.A. Thomas and was carried.

At the April Meeting, 1966, W. Bro. Tucker, P.P.A.G.D.C. proposed that in view of the increased costs and the desire not to increase the Annual Subscriptions with effect from October, 1966, that the Lodge should meet only four times in each year. The Meetings shall be held on the Second Wednesday of October, December, February and May, cutting out the November and April Meetings. This was seconded by W. Bro. Shannon.

A further proposition for an increase in fees was made, the Initiation Fee to be thirty-five guineas and the Visitors Fee to be one pound ten shillings. This Proposition was also carried by a large majority.

At the Installation Meeting May, 1966, Bro. F.C. Baker our present D.C. was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. F.J. Kerridge in a very sincere manner.

The Committee held a Meeting at The King Alfred, 118, Marylebone Place, W.1. on the 14th September, 1966, the Secretary reported that W. Bro. Howell our Treasurer was recovering from a heart attack. It was hoped he would soon be well again. He also mentioned that the 250th Anniversary Jewel was to be worn on the Master's Collar.

W. Bro. Eastell gave us the splendid news that W. Bro. C.A. Watts had been honoured with London Grant Rank by the M.W.G.M. The Secretary called an Emergency Meeting on the 5th December, 1966, to report that Messrs. J. Lyons Ltd. had written stating that they could no longer accommodate us for Lodge Meetings after the 31st May, 1967, and alternative accommodation would have to be found.

Bro. G.C. Henry our Secretary reported that the National Liberal Club was available if it was suitable, also Plantation House. He said the latter was considered as being rather cramped. After a lengthy discussion it was recommended we met at the National Liberal Club.

At the following Committee Meeting held at the Freemasons Hall, January 21st, 1967, seven subscribing Members signed a Notice for a change of Meeting place.

In view of W. Bro. Howell's inability to carry on as Treasurer, W. Bro. Jamieson agreed to be nominated as Treasurer. The Secretary had conveyed the Lodge's thanks and appreciation to W. Bro. Howell for his services to the Lodge, also for a speedy return to good health.

The W.M. announced at the February Meeting the death of W. Bro. Windibank, O.B.E., L.G.R., who died on the 21st December, 1966. He was initiated into the Lodge in May, 1921.

The Secretary proposed at the Installation Meeting, May, 1967, that with effect from October, 1967, the Lodge meeting place would be removed from the Oxford Street Corner House, 14 Oxford Street, W.1. to the National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, S.W.1. Also he reported that W. Bro. S.E. Tucker had been accorded the honour of P.A.G.St.B. by the M.W.G.M. for his services to the Lodge.

The first Meeting in October at the National Liberal Club started on a sad note. The death was announced of W. Bro. G.T. Wilkinson, L.G.R. initiated into the Lodge, 3rd December, 1924. A D.C. and Preceptor of great standing.

Having moved from a modern furnished establishment, we were now in the environment of Gladstone and the like. The building had vast high ceilings, was typically Victorian and if one had the voice of a Sergeant Major the Brethren could dispense with their hearing aids (but we settled in).

A Proposal was made by W. Bro. Tucker that a vote of hearty congratulations be accorded to W. Bro. Whitbread on having completed fifty years' Membership with the Lodge.

A Committee Meeting was held on the 4th January, 1968, and the Secretary announced that his tenure of Office would cease next May to enable him to take up Office in the Lodge. At the following May Meeting, W. Bro. Kerridge offered his services to fill the vacancy which were received with great appreciation.

It was at the Installation Meeting in 1968 Bro. Barber was installed in the Chair. W. Bro. Kerridge was invested-as Secretary, W .Bro. F.E. Shannon as D.C., W .Bro. A.J. Ball as Assistant D.C. and W. Bro. F.C. Baker as Almoner (quite a substantial change in Officers).

At the October Meeting W .Bro. Shannon and Bro. G.C. Henry expressed a wish to retire from The Royal Commemoration Lodge 1585 Gibb Memorial Trust Fund. W .Bro. Tucker proposed that W. Bro. Kerridge and W. Bro. F.C. Baker be appointed as new Trustees to act jointly with W. Bro. Tucker, Bros. L.C. Stevens and H.A. Thomas'the continuing Trustees thereof.

The Secretary informed the Brethren that the Honour of London Grand Rank had been conferred on W. Bro. F.E. Shannon for services to the Lodge. It was proposed by W. Bro. J.H. Gallier that congratulations of the Lodge be recorded and that London Grant Rank Regalia be presented to W. Bro. Shannon. The Proposition was supported by W. Bro. C.A. Watts and confirmed by the Brethren.

At the December Meeting, 1968, W. Bro. S.E. Tucker decided to retire as a Trustee to the Gibb Fund. An amendment was made to include Bro. J.C. Collins, who was our Charities Secretary of many years standing. The Amendment was seconded by Bro. G. Wallace. It was also proposed that the Annual Fee be increased to ten guineas and the Initiation Fee be increased to forty guineas. This was carried and confirmed by the Brethren.

At the February Meeting, 1969, the sad loss was announced of the deaths of W. Bro. C. Overton, L.G.R. and W. Bro. J. Last, L.G.R. two staunch Members known for their services to the Lodge.

W. Bro. F.E. Shannon offered his congratulations to the W.M. on the quality of the Ceremony of Raising which he conducted at the December Meeting. The Members endorsed his remarks.

It was in May, 1969, the Installation of Bro. L.C. Stevens took place. He had been instrumental in guiding the Gibb Memorial Fund from its inception.

Also at this Meeting the death of the Most Worshipful. The Pro Grand Master The Right Hon. Earl of Scarborough was announced. The Secretary also referred to the communication concerning the intention of the Most W.G.M. to appoint the Right Woshipfu. Bro. The Right Hon. Earl of Cadogan, M.C., D.L., A.G., Pro.G.M. and the Right Woshipful. Major General Sir Allan Adair, Bt., G.C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O., M.C., D.L., Deputy G.M. These Brethren will be installed in their respective Offices on Wednesday, 10th December, 1969.

It was reported by our Charities Secretary Bro. J.C. Collins that we were entitled to the style of: —

Grand Patron - Royal Masonic Hospital
Patron - Institute for Girls
Patron - Institute for Boys
Patron - Benevolent Institution

He also reported that the Gibb Memorial Fund was generously supporting all the Institutions and several other Funds to the amount of £350 per year.

The Secretary drew attention to two new Appointments made by Grand Lodge: the Re-Election of the M.W. The Grand Master H.R.H. The Duke of Kent, G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., A.D.C., and the Election of the Grand Treasurer W. Bro. G.H.S. Dicker, C.B.E.

At the May Installation Meeting, 1970, Bro. G.C. Henry was installed into the Chair as the ninety-fifth W.M. As a Past Secretary of the Lodge he had ably managed the Lodge affairs.

Congratulations were given to W. Bro. C. Padgett, P.A.G.St.B. on completing fifty years in Freemasonry as a Member of the Lodge and at seventy-one years of age he was still enjoying his Masonic life.

At the December Meeting, 1970, W. Bro. Robert Whitbread, P.A.G.St.B. was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge. He was the first to hold that title. His age then was ninety-one.

We were pleasantly surprised by W .Bro. G.C. Henry being present to occupy the Chair at the General Purposes Committee Meeting following his absence due to a severe illness. He was warmly welcomed by the Brethren.

It was during this period that W.Bro. F.H. Barber took over the Master's Chair during the illness of W. Bro. G.C. Henry helping the Lodge in a most efficient manner.

The Installation Meeting took place in May, 1971, and W. Bro. G.C. Henry having recovered from his illness installed W. Bro. J.C. Collins in a most sincere manner.

At this Meeting the Secretary reported the sad loss of W. Bro. S.E. Tucker, P.A.G.St.B. He was initiated into the Lodge in 1932 and had been a great worker in the cause of the Craft. Unfortunately, at this time we also lost W. Bro. H.E. Howell and W. Bro. W. Whitely, two Members who organised many activities for the Lodge.

At the Installation Meeting, 1972, Bro. G.C. Searle was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. J.C. Collins. Bro. G.C. Searle had been one of our most consistent Auditors for a great number of years.

We were advised at the October Meeting that the M.W.G.M. had honoured W. Bro. Jamieson our Treasurer with London Grand Rank.

The Secretary informed us that W. Bro. Malcombe McNaughton, son of W .Bro. J.H. McNaughton, fiftieth Past Master of the Lodge, had presented his father's Jewel to the Lodge for refurbishing and presenting to a Master in due time.

In December, 1972, the death was announced of the Most Worshipful. Bro. H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor, K.G., Past Grand Master.

W. Bro. Searle referred to the death of W. Bro. F. Kerridge who had been Secretary of the Lodge and had carried out that position in a very sincere manner.

At the February Meeting, 1973, W. Bro. P.E. Jones was appointed Secretary of the Lodge and was thanked for his acceptance of the Office.

In May, 1973, Bro. W.E. Boon was installed in the Chair by W. Bro. G.C. Searle and it was W. Bro. Boon who had the pleasant task of presenting the Jubilee Master's Breast Jewel, which belonged to W. Bro. J.H. McNaughton, to W. Bro. G.C. Searle.

At this Meeting W. Bro. Eastell, L.G-R-, reported the death of W. Bro. C.H. Padgett, P.A.G.St.B., whose great Masonic work in general was appreciated in the Lodge, particularly his service as Secretary for seventeen years. A sincere tribute was given by W. Bro. Eastell, L.G.R.

Our Charities Secretary, W. Bro. J.C. Collins arranged a visit, on the 28th April, 1973, for a number of Brethren and their wives to visit The Prince George, Duke of Kent Homes, Chislehurst. The visit proved to be a very interesting occasion.

At the General Purposes Meeting held at the National Liberal Club, the Treasurer informed the Committee that to keep the cost at the normal price, he would have to reduce the meal by one course. Strong criticism of the facilities of the National Liberal Club was made by W. Bro. F.H.J. Barber. I think it was recalled once that he was known as a rumbustious buccaneer but, nevertheless, the Lodge was first in his thoughts.

The Secretary reported that the present Membership was ninety-five of whom thirty-one were non-dining Members.

Our Treasurer expressed concern of the financial future of the Lodge (as ever). After considerable discussion it was agreed to cut out supplying the wine and issue beer only with the exception of Installation nights.

A letter was sent to W. Bro. G.C. Henry thanking him for his continued auditing of the Lodge accounts and a hope for a future improvement in his health.

A discussion also took place on the actual date of Consecration. There seemed to be some doubt about it and W. Bro. Baker visited the Librarian at Grand Lodge and finally agreed that the date was the 20th March, 1876.

During the early period of the Lodge the Installation Meeting was moved forward in the first two years, finally to May. There was no apparent reason available.

The date for the Centenary Meeting of the Lodge was agreed as September 22nd, 1976, owing to the nearness of The Ladies' Night in March.

At the Meeting of the General Purposes Committee called for on the 13th December, 1973, by W .Bro. W.E. Boon, the Secretary reported that he had received a Notice of Motion from W.Bro. Barber that subject to the consent of the Grand Master, the Lodge shall meet at the Royal Commonwealth Society, Northumberland Avenue, W.C.2.

At the regular Lodge Meeting, December, 1973, W.Bro. J.C. Collins reported that after having been elected a Trustee of the Gibb Fund, W.Bro. G.C. Searle expressed a wish to resign as he anticipated leaving London in the near future and to fill the vacancy W.Bro. J.C. Collins proposed that W. Bro. A. Colledge be elected as Trustee. As W. Bro. Colledge was the Lodge Almoner and a very efficient one it was an added value to the Trusteeship.

Since the Gibb Fund had been inaugurated hampers and flowers had been sent out every Christmas and more recently cheques to widows of Members of the Lodge; W. Bro. J.C. Collins, Secretary, reported that he always received letters of appreciation and praise.

At the Meeting in February, 1974, the Master referred to the death of W. Bro. T. Hackett in New Zealand. Many will remember him for his comic toasts and replies. He was a great joker at all times.

During this Meeting W. Bro. A.J. Ball thanked W. Bro. F.H.J. Barber for his personal efforts in obtaining better accommodation for the Lodge.

The W.M. Bro. G.C. Searle explained that it had been necessary for W. Bro. G.C. Henry, our Secretary, to become a Member of the National Liberal Club before our Lodge could be accommodated. A particular vote of thanks was accorded him for this service.

At the Installation Meeting, May, 1974, the Secretary informed the Lodge that on the 14th May, 1974, R.W. Provincial Master would confer the Honour of Past Provincial Assistant Grand Superintendent of Works on W. Bro. J. Upton. The W.M. congratulated him on behalf of the Brethren and thanked him for his service as Chief Steward to the Lodge over the last seven years.

At the Committee Meeting held on Thursday, 3rd September, 1 974, in the Choir Room, City Temple, Holborn, the Secretary reported that the M.W.G.M. proposed to confer on him the Honour of London Grand Rank. He was congratulated by the Brethren.

Our first Meeting was held at the Royal Commonwealth Society on Wednesday, 9th October, 1974, and the W.M. was W. Bro. G. Wallace. The Secretary referred to a report from Grand Lodge that His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent had been Re-Elected M.W. Grand Master of the United Lodge of England and to the message from the R.W. Assistant Grand Master re the Baggnall Report.

The Worshipful Master congratulated W. Bro. A.E. Jackson on completing forty years' service to Freemasonry and our Lodge in particular.

W.Bro. F.C. Baker, D.C. reported that W.Bro. J.C. Collins had been appointed Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction and proposed that the excellent work of both W .Bro. Galliers as Co-Preceptors during the past twelve years be recorded. W. Bro. F.E. Shannon, L.G.R. seconded the proposal. The W.M. W. Bro. G. Wallace before placing the proposition also spoke of their excellent services and dedication.

It was at the December Meeting that the W.M. informed the Lodge of the death of a great character W. Bro. F.H.J. Barber whose last service to the Lodge was to find better accommodation, now being enjoyed by the Brethren at the Royal Commonwealth Society. Inflation was taking a hand and the Treasurer reminded us by giving notice of further increases which were inevitable.

W. Bro. L.C. Stevens, Chairman of the Gibb Fund, presented the Balance Sheet, together with a report from the Auditors. The accounts were adopted and the W.M. thanked him and his colleagues in the Trust for the work involved.

On Wednesday, 2nd May, 1975, W. Bro. G. Wallace had the pleasure and satisfaction of installing Bro. Moscrop in the Chair as the 100th Master of the Lodge which he did in a most able and sincere manner.

At this Meeting W. Bro. Jamieson, L.G.R. our Treasurer, pursuant of Notice of Motion proposed and W. Bro. Colledge seconded that the Annual Subscription be raised to £17, and that the Visitors' Fee be actual cost.

The inflation stage at this period was affecting all Societies.

It was reported that the Royal Masonic Hospital was admitting non Masonic patients. Also that the Masonic School for Boys was admitting Fee Paying Boarding and Day Boys.

Thus ended the 100th Installation which was celebrated appropriately at the Festive Board.

Problems were being faced by the Lodge of Instruction. They were displaced from the City Temple, Holborn, and found difficulty in finding another Meeting Place but we were lucky again.

W.Bro. G. Wallace always seemed to find an alternative as he had done for the last two or three Meeting Places. The new abode was to be The London Welsh Association, 157/163, Grays Inn Road, W.C.1. This also solved our financial position as well, being a reasonable rent (so we live again).

At the Regular Meeting, 8th October, 1975, a letter was read from W .Bro. R. Whitbread, P.A.G.St.B. in which he informed the Lodge of his 95th birthday. A note of congratulations was sent by the Secretary. It was to be the last letter from our elder Member.

At the Regular Meeting of the Lodge of Instruction on January 22, 1976, it was suggested by W. Bro. F.C. Baker that two Pennants be made to hang each side of the Lodge Banner to enable the rest of the Past Masters' names to be shown. It was also recommended that the Lodge of Instruction finance the making of the Pennants. It was agreed by the Members that it should be carried out. The design and the ordering was left to W. Bro. F.C. Baker. The Pennants will be presented at the Centenary Meeting to the Lodge on behalf of the Brethren of the Lodge of Instruction.

On the 25th February, 1976, W. Bro. Moscrop, W.M. announced the death of W. Bro. Whitbread our Honorary Member and W. Bro. R.J. Ball paid a tribute to his Masonic career.

A Special Meeting was called by W. Bro. Moscrop after the Meeting of all Past Masters. He explained that a recommendation for the Honour of London Grand Rank was to be submitted to Grand Lodge. A ballot was taken and proved to be in favour of W.Bro. John Gallier, a worthy contender and a popular choice.

The Great Day came, March 20th, 1976, a hundred years on from the Consecration of the Lodge. This of course will be celebrated at The Cafe Royal, 63, Regent Street, London W.1. on September 22, 1976.

On March 27th, 1976, another occasion was to be enjoyed. Our Ladies' Night for our Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Moscrop was held at The Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, which has been a popular venue for the last twenty-seven years. There were 265 people present to enjoy the Dinner Dance and Cabaret and being the Centenary Year it was more than celebrated.

On the 19th May, 1976, Bro. A.R.B. Hall was installed as our 101st Master in a very sincere and able manner by Bro. Moscrop who throughout the year as the 100th Master conducted his Ceremonies most efficiently, assisted by a very excellent team of Officers.

The business of the new Century had started. Grand Lodge Certificates were presented to Bros. H.W. Collins and D.R. Morgan.

The ballot was taken for Mr. K.F. Baker, proposed by W. Bro. F.C. Baker, father, seconded by W. Bro. J.C. Collins which was proved in his favour.

The Secretary reported on the proceedings of Grand Lodge referring especially to the proposed resignation as Deputy Grand Master on the 8th September, 1976, of R.W. Bro. General Sir Allan Adair, Bt., G.C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O., M.C., D.L., and the Obligation and Investiture of the Right W. Bro. Hon. Fiennes Cornwallis, O.B.E.. D.L. as Deputy Grand Master in his place. Also with effect from the 9th June, 1976, the appointment of R.W .Bro. Hon. E.L. Ballieu, P.J.G.W., G.W.C., as Second Assistant Grand Master.

The Treasurer, W. Bro. Jamieson proposed and the Secretary W. Bro. Jones seconded that the following donations be made: —

  • Royal Masonic Hospital Samaritan Fund - £10.00
  • Friends of Prince George Court - £ 5.00
  • Royal Masonic Institution for Girls Ruspini Fund - £ 5.00
  • Royal Masonic Institution for Boys Welfare Fund - £ 5.00
  • Hostel of God - £10.00

So ended the First Meeting of the new Century, leaving W. Bro. A.R.B. Hall to launch it on its way.

The Festive Board followed and proved to be a successful Evening.

Our Artist for the Evening was Alan Henshaw, Baritone, who rendered the Master's Song and one or two popular requests which were much appreciated.

We now look forward to our Centenary Celebration later on in the year.